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Actualitys Recommended Computer Program List

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Actualitys Recommended Computer Program List

Post  Holykillz on 12/30/2011, 1:51 am

this topic will be mainly about all the programs that i recommend to have on your computer to make the most out of playing WoW. feel free to comment/criticize/post more programs that you believe should be on this list.

  • Ventrillo:
    Download link: (you do not need to fill out the information to make a free vent server.) pick your OS from the list and install.

    Description: Ventrillo is a VoIP(voice over IP) communication software that lets friends/groups connect in one server to communicate via mic's/chat. Normally used in raids/rbgs/arenas as a quicker way to communicate to your team/group instead of having to type out communications during a fight.

  • Curse Add-on Client.
    Download link: again, pick your Software and the installation program will take you through the rest.

    Description: Curse Client is a Client that allows you to keep all your WoW/gaming* add-ons in one place, where you can update them with a click of a button,install new ones with a click of a button, and it does not impact your CPU speed while playing WoW. highlyhighly recommended to have if you are to play any game supported by Curse.

    *not all games are supported by Curse

  • Game-booster
    Download link: (will be posting a virus free guide on how to get the pro verzion for free for even more benifits on game-booster.

    Description: GameBooster by Iobit is a lightweight program that should be used by people that have old computers or computers that just dont have good enough software to run WoW at optimal levels(for ex: if your computer is only meeting the minimum reqs for WoW and not the recommended ones). What this program does is it closes all the non-essential Windows programs that slow down your computer. None of the programs/executables that this program closes are required to run windows software, so your computer will be completely safe. From first hand experience this program works wonders for a sluggish computer. I highly recommend using it if your computer isn't the best to run WoW on.


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