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Recommended Add-ons

Post  Holykillz on 12/30/2011, 2:06 am

okay, for this to work successfully, you need to download the curse Add-on Client if you do not already have it. you can download this at

I do not have any of the Rbg/arena add-ons so all of these are primarily used for raiding/dungeons.

  • (not recommended, but useful) Addon Control Panel

    Curse link:

    description: this is pretty much a more useful way to manage your add-ons while playing. instead of logging out to access your add-ons list, you simply press "escape" to access the options/interface/help/logout/etc. menu, and you press the add-ons button. from here, its the same as it is if you would log out to do add-ons, but instead of logging out, you just reload your ui and the changes take effect.

  • Deadly Boss Mods

    curse link:


    Boss mods for all raid bosses
    Colored raid warnings (players will be colored according to their class) with icons - so you will know what's going on without even reading the message
    Auto-respond during boss fights. DBM will inform anyone who whispers you during a boss fight that you are busy. These messages contain the name and health of the boss as well as the raid's status
    BossHealth-frame: you can enable a simple frame that shows a health bar for all active bosses. This is enabled by default for multi-mob bosses like Four Horsemen
    Bars can be enlarged with decent effects when they are about to expire
    Crash recovery: you had a disconnect or crash during a boss fight? No problem for DBM! It will request the timer and combat status information from other DBM users in your raid group and you get your timers back
    Synchronization system for accurate timers
    No dependencies, no embedded libraries (except for the optional LibDataBroker plugin that embeds LibDataBroker)
    Modular design - all boss mods are plugins and can be exchanged, removed or updated separately
    Load on demand - all boss mods are separate AddOns and they will be loaded when they are needed. So they don't use memory or cpu until you enter the corresponding instance
    Efficient code: DBM uses less than 250 kb memory and the cpu usage is also very low
    Special effects like the screen flash effect, huge warning messages and sounds will draw your attention to critical events
    Bars can change their color over time and flash before they expire
    There are many bar designs to choose from, all designs are are customizable: you can change the color, size, icon position etc.
    Support for SharedMedia, so you can use any texture for your bars
    Option to create custom timers, so-called "Pizza Timers" for your pizza or whatever you prefer to eat while raiding. You can also send those timers to your raid group
    Powerful object-oriented API - you can use it to write your own boss mods!

  • Recount

    Curse link:

    description: a detailed and organized data system that keeps track of everyones dps/damage done/heal done/damage taken/etc. thats easy to see and read.

    comment below if you have more add-ons that should be put up here(wasnt really sure on some)

list of pvp add-ons
  • Gladius

    curse link:

    description: Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing. It is highly configurable and you can disable most features of this addon.

  • Target Assist

    curse link:

    description: an addon that i say is required for all rbg players because it allows you to switched to the target that the caller just called and makes it easy/ faster for you to do it.

  • Battlegroundtargets

    curse link:

    description: Shows all battleground enemies. Simple 'Enemy Unit Frame' for battlegrounds.

  • healers have to die

    curse link:

    description: marks enemy healers with a red cross. and marks friendly healers with star. useful for pvp and pve

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some pvp addons that i recommend getting

Post  puntedgnome on 12/30/2011, 2:19 pm

Gladius is and addon that works for arena that allows you o see when your enemy blows a trinket and when spec they are once the arena starts and they break out of stealth.

Target assist is an addon that i say is required for all rbg players because it allows you to switched to the target that the caller just called and makes it easy/ faster for you to do it.

battlegroundtargets is an addon that lets you see what spec and class you are up against in an rbg group so it give you the rbg group time to prepare before the game starts to call cc targets and main targets.

healers-have-to-die is an addon that puts a Healer sign above any healer when they start to heal This addon not only works for pvp but for pve if somebody is healing.

Hope this helps some of you Smile

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