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Post  Holykillz on 2/4/2012, 9:47 pm

Just a few list of rules to follow while residing in this guild:
  1. Dont be a prick..IE Insulting other members
  2. Dont ninja. O Tolerance you WILL be removed no excuses
  3. Don't steal from guild bank and put the items onto Auction House, You will be found out and it isnt a fair thing to do
  4. Attempt at helping other members, ie., Run dungeons with members and help when you can, Give advice and try to better their class if they are doing something wrong and you see it can be changed whisper them and ask if they need help with anything
  5. Did i mention not being a prick? that ones big!!
  6. Dont beg(not really a rule... but it upsets people if you beg) ie., Gold, Dungeon runs etc
  7. If youre going to disagree with someone, thats fine. but dont do personal insults, thats just low and immature.
  8. Overall be friendly, if youre having a bad day and cant talk friendly, dont talk at all, will just lead to arguments.
  9. Have a good time. We try to strive for a great atmosphere to play the game in.

  10. Dont be obnoxious/harassing other guildies.

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