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Bradens Introduction+template.

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Bradens Introduction+template.

Post  Holykillz on 12/30/2011, 1:45 pm

if you're confused on what i mean by template in the title, pretty much its just a guide to help people that aren't sure how to make their introduction.

Name(if you want to share):
In Game name:
are you a pve or pvp player?:

add more information about yourself if you'd like.

my introduction:
hello United, My names Braden, but most of you probably know me as either Actualitys(main DK) or Holykillz(alt priest). I'm 15, currently a sophomore in high school(hating it with a passion....go to my school and you'll see why). I used to play soccer all my life up until high school where i realized that it just wasn't what i wanted to do;that and everyone that tried out were the biggest douches you'll ever meet.i also have big interests in cars,computer programming,computer design(photoshop/illustrator,etc.), been interested in computers and software programming since i was about 13 and been wanting to learn ever since;learned javascript and somewhat html/C++ since then. In WoW i'm a pve player, DPS on my DK and soon to be a raid healer with my priest(might try dps on that, but its not likely).nddd yeah, thats just a little about myself.

post your introductions on either a seperate topic, or as a comment to this topic, either works.

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